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To all you budding dancers out there!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Hi all, Ive decided to write a blog to share some of my knowledge to all you budding dancers out there!

I have been teaching for so many years now and I notice that regularly some budding dancers fall by the way side. Its such a problem. We teachers simply dont have the time (or earn enough!) to speak to parents and the students to keep them up to date with their progress.

So heres my solution! JUST ASK if youre good enough to make it in the profession! Any teacher worth their salt will tell you the truth!


And even if your teacher says youre probably not going to, ask why. And then if youre so determined (and I mean determined!) that you want to perform work on these skills that you are lacking more than anything and at least try for that dance college.

BUT keep your options open. Always work at your school work, keep your head in other things too because you never know whats round the injury, saturated market, financial problems (its expensive to go to dance college!)

Id love to say to all of you, yes go for it! But its hard and getting harder. So just ask!

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