Somerset Dance Umbrella aims to provide high quality and positive dance experiences to all those attending our classes and we ask that parents/carers, students and teachers adhere to the relevant policies below.


We offer a free trial lesson to all new pupils before signing up to classes.  If you would like to join a class, parents and carers must complete and sign a registration form agreeing to the policies of Somerset Dance Umbrella.  All contact details must be up to date and any medical conditions must be stated clearly. If there are any changes to contact details parents and carers must fill out a new form.

Fees and Payment

Fees are paid per term which are 10 - 13 weeks long depending on the school term dates. Fees are due by the first week of term. Invoices are sent by email before the beginning of term. If fees are not paid by the first two weeks of the term, a late fee of £20 will be charged. If fees are not paid in full by half term we reserve the right to refuse entry to classes. Payment can be made in Cash or Bacs. We do not accept cheques. Bacs payments to Somerset Dance Umbrella using your child's name as a reference.


Giving Notice

We require 1/2 terms written notice by email or half a terms fees are due in lieu.


No refunds are given for missed classes. In the event of bad weather/sudden closure and classes are cancelled we will post information about closure on the website and try to contact you by text or email. If  the circumstances are beyond our control and we have to close, we will attempt to make up any missed classes in the future.​


All pupils are required to wear the correct regulation uniform for class. No outside clothing is permitted in classes apart from Somerset Dance Umbrella/Wells Ballet School branded sweatshirts and t.shirts. No watches or jewellery apart from stud earrings are permitted in class. Hair must be neatly tied in a bun or appropriate hairstyle. Any fringes must be clipped back or a headband be worn. All items of uniform need to be named. Somerset Dance Umbrella is not responsible for any lost property. All uniform can be purchased from the online dance store: wbs.mydancestore.co.uk.


Somerset Dance Umbrella organises annual Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing examinations at Wells Town Hall. When your child reaches the standard required and we feel they can execute the work to a high standard, they will be invited to partake in the session. Your child will be required to attend a series of extra exam coaching lessons which is not included in the exam price. Examinations are optional and if your child does not want to take the examination they can move to the next grade with their friends if we feel they can cope with the work.


Somerset Dance Umbrella organises shows at Wookey Hole Theatre and Wells Town Hall on a regular basis. All students are invited to perform.

Photography / Recording

Somerset Dance Umbrella will take photographs or video of the students in normal classes as a teaching aid and for publicity for the website and facebook page. Photographs and video will also be taken on exam days and shows. If you do not want your child to be photographed or videoed please tick the relevant box on the registration form. Parents are given permission to take photographs or video on watching weeks if they have the permission of the whole class's parents/carers. Under no circumstances must photographs or videos be placed on social media sites.

Physical contact

Teachers need to have some physical contact with students in the class in order to teach correct placement and technique. They are trained to do this in a way not to cause injury. If you do not want your child to be corrected in this way please contact us.


Teachers are only responsible for students while in the dance classes. Parents must drop off and pick up on time from the studio. Wells Town Hall is a public building where other clubs and groups take place. Parents and students need to be safe and respectful of the building. No running, playing or climbing on the staircases and pillars. Children need to be appropriately dressed when arriving and leaving the building.  Teachers are committed to safe practice when teaching and the students partake at their own risk. Parents and carers must inform us of any existing injuries or medical conditions. In an emergency situation, all teachers are first aid trained and will act in loco parentis if parents or carers are not present and will call an ambulance.


It is not permitted to attend classes at other dancing schools unless it is recommended by Somerset Dance Umbrella. We are affiliated with Wells Ballet School who offer ballet and speech and drama classes and we work in collaboration.


We will communicate with you by email sending newsletters, information and invoices. If you need to communicate with us please email or telephone Sandra Davey 0845 474 4700 somersetdanceumbrella@yahoo.co.uk. We are always happy to communicate and discuss matters with you but please try not to do this before or after class as it takes up valuable teaching time. Any abusive verbal behaviour toward members of staff will not be tolerated and we will inform security / police and it will result in an immediate dismissal from the school.

Online Classes

Parents are reminded that during online classes they must supervise their children and make sure they have enough space, are wearing appropriate clothing and have water to drink. In the unlikely event of injury Somerset Dance Umbrella will not be liable. If a student is working with an injury we recommend working at their own pace.

Child protection policy

Please use the link to view our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy

Data protection policy

Please use the link to view our Data protection policy.



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